Our Story

International Baptist Church

Beginning in 1996, God started a work in the Edge District of Memphis, TN. Located at the edge of downtown and the edge of the Medical District, a church mission was founded under the name International Baptist Church (IBC). As the congregation grew up, numerous mercy ministries began to reach out to the marginalized and needy of the city. Soon, IBC was feeding the homeless weekly, arranging health screenings, providing a clothes closet, and gathering for worship and Bible study.


In 2014, the church unofficially changed its name to “Church on Edge” to better identify with its vision and core mission, “Edge of your worldview. Edge of Eternity.” As the year wound down, so did many of the mercy ministries that were previous hallmarks of the church. As the city had grown up, various other ministries in close proximity to the current church building were more focused on the same services but also had devoted staffs. As a result, the church decided to close the clothes closet, cease to serve the Wednesday meal, and discontinue the medical counseling services and refer people to the other organizations.

The Future

Riverdeep Church

In fulfilling the great commission, we must first allow the Gospel to change our own hearts. Second, the Gospel must inform the way we gather together as believers in worship; daily in our homes and weekly in worship services. The first century church was distinctly different because of their community-focused lifestyles. Third, we must intentionally be engaged in missional living. God has uniquely gifted and planted us to help restore people to right relationship with Him. Sin has created great brokenness but Christ offers freedom. We proclaim healing through Jesus and the restoration of lives that are changed by the Gospel.In doing so, we hope to see a diverse congregation begin to assemble and grow in maturity from our neighborhoods, workplaces, and organizations. These are the very places God has called us to be witnesses to people who may never otherwise see and hear the Gospel in real and tangible ways..

The Prospectus

We have posted a complete prospectus that outlines the direction the church will be following in the future. Head over to the PROSPECTUS page for a look.