Life on Mission.


What is one of the least evangelized mission fields in America? How do we strategically reach those people far from God? The Church must find a way to train, empower, commission, and send out disciples to fulfill the Great Commission. How many people sitting in churches today would say they feel adequately trained to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, let alone the end of the street? Christians run into so many people at work, school, Crossfit classes, or on neighborhood walks that would never think to come to a church to hear the Gospel. This is Mission.

Christians MUST fulfill the Great Commission.  In order to do that, they must be discipled to AUTHENTICALLY and ORGANICALLY share the Gospel.  We need to remove the awkward and plastic-ness of much telemarketer manual witnessing scripts, and just share the Hope in Christ in a compelling and biblical fashion.  Be winsome.  Too many Christians today, many who have sat in pews for a long time, feel inadequate to share their Hope.  And if they feel inadequate to reach those far from God, then their participation in the Great Commission stalls out right there.

What if God has given us everything we need to share the Gospel in this authentic and organic way?  What if His chosen vehicle for advancing the Gospel is right in front of us? I believe that it is. Not in some secret knowledge that only a few know, but in an often overlooked component of our society.  The family.  And not just in the biological sense, but a family unified around a common interest or cause. This family makes it possible to live in DEEP MISSION.


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