Going on Mission

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Go out on mission. I am sending you. You will be my witnesses.

The Christian life is more than just a personal faith and gathering for public worship.

At Riverdeep, we seek to live balanced lives. We desire to know God deeply. Know and be known by our Christian community deeply. And actively engage the mission on God deeply. That means taking the Gospel wherever the Lord leads us, even at personal discomfort at times. We are canceling this upcoming Sunday worship gathering to help us STRETCH in our mission efforts and to free our people, to pray differently, and then to put one foot in front of the other in obedience.

Since the pandemic, the mission of God has not ceased. The Kingdom continues to move forward. However, the mission efforts of the Christian Church (universal) has drastically reduced both domestically and internationally. To help the people of Riverdeep hear the Lord more clearly and have a heart to take the GOSPEL to our community, we encourage our people to move out in mission this Sunday July 25.

In theory, everywhere you go on Sundays between 8:00-12:00, the people we encounter haven’t worshipped with a local congregation. It may have been months or years. The causes are manifold ranging from antagonism to the Lord, to job restrictions, to financial needs, and maybe just fell out of rhythm. Regardless, the people of God take the Kingdom of God with them as they journey.

We will gather again on Sunday August 1 at our normal 10:30 worship time. We will rejoice with stories of God’s faithfulness and how we have seen his hand and peace go forward. We want to hear how you hear God an obeyed. And we look forward to hearing how the Kingdom has drawn near. Until then, follow closely with the Lord and live in the deep mission He has called us to engage.