Easter 2018

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There is something so intoxicating about scent. For some, a bundle of flowers can set the mind at ease or the heart racing. For others, the smell of a campfire can spark nostalgia or make one feel masculine. Even walking through the grocery store today, a woman walked by and while I wouldn’t call her perfume intoxicating, it was pleasant to be brought back from the endless soup options before me. The ability of smells to provoke our mind to a time gone by and at the same time to tie directly into our very soul is certainly a mysterious wonder.

In many religious traditions, the lighting and offering of incense is seen as a deeply spiritual practice. Even in the Bible it says that the prayers of the saints are intermingled with incense and as a pleasing aroma to the Lord. If we could just imagine our prayers being lifted up and ascending to heaven as we speak them in our lives. What a beautiful picture. To take the imagery one step further, what if we perceive our lives to be consumed and used up like a stick of incense.

What would you like your life to reflect and how would you like your life to be received. Is it a pleasing aroma to those you most close to you? Or are you struggling to find meaning and purpose and seeking to offer your life as for a cause greater than your hand currently finds?

Come join us at Riverdeep Church on Easter Sunday as we examine the life of Christ through the lease of Easter. How did God perceive the one life that Jesus had to live, and what difference did it make as a fragrance among a world that had never known the beauty and depth of a life lived to perfection?

We gather at 10:30am on Sunday April 1, 2018. Come a little early to grab some coffee and to meet some of the most welcoming people in the MidSouth. It will be beautiful morning!

While Easter is a special day for churches across the world, the expectations of the morning are the same as any other Sunday at Riverdeep. If you want to get up and put on something fancy, come on. If that isn’t your speed or comfort level, come on. I guarantee that there will be people across the spectrum of attire, which is a beautiful picture of the diversity of people that worship together at Riverdeep. You can find additional information about our gatherings by following the link:


Parking is available right next to the church building (627 Monroe Ave) and then in any direction with ample on-street parking spaces. We only ask that those spaces closest to the front door be reserved for those with mobility challenges.